ulysses "butch" slaughter
"Experience Endless Evolution"
What I Do
I advocate for "radical"
 Two months before my father passed away, he stood with me and my oldest sons to discuss our family's journey away from rage and into reconciliation. Our moment is a model for the magic that can be when we forgive limitations. Watch this clip from "Forgiving Our Fathers, Forgiving Ourselves."
Work with Me
My documentary "A Chester Story," has been called a "raw and riveting" cautionary tale of how modern cities are robbed of resources and left to rot. Combined with vigorous conversation, this presentation is worth scheduling for your community.
Creating new possibilities after "tragedy" is my passion and my purpose. With Mike Africa, Jr (above left), I am working with former Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode to establish a new legacy for MOVE and the May 13, 1985 rowhome bombing.
My father, Ulysses, is shown above sitting at my mother's grave site 33 years after he shot and killed her. I conduct a variety of workshops on forgiveness using footage from our reconciliation journey together. Contact me to schedule a presentation.