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No matter who you are, no matter where you want to go from here, this is where you will begin. Welcome to A Course in Forgiving. Once you take this introductory course, you can sign up for The Odyssey Project, my signature one-on-one offering. A Course in Forgivng has four key components. They are listed below. These are the pillars on which all of our daily work is done. Often you will hear me say "in order to gain traction, you will need a cycle." You must ride the cycle again and again. Every day. The Ultimate Practice of Forgiving is supported by a daily forgiving worksheet. You gotta do the work. There's no way around it. Find a link to worksheet below. Start now.
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A Course In Forgiving

The 40 Year Legacy of Clarice

 Start The Ultimate Practice of Forgiving by signing up for "A Course In Forgiving" with Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter. This 30-minute group call
will introduce you to the four-part process that is the foundation of
our work.  Following the group call, each participant will receive an
individual 30-minute coaching session with Ulysses to determine their
next course of action. 
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Forgiving is the human art of integrating injuries for optimal innovation and harmony.  Forgiving harmony is multi-faceted, moving rhythmically though individuals to groups and from groups to individuals. And while it is often said – and true - that forgiving does not mean forgetting, forgiving also does not mean building barriers or holding timeless, cancerous grudges. Forgiving is a way of learning life lessons that pave a path toward liberation. Forgiving is not a concession. Forgiving is an expansion.
Throughout life, individuals consistently confront internal and external circumstances that challenge their individual worth and their optimal connection to various groups.  The ability to efficiently and coherently synthesize ideas and behavior for the mutual benefit of self and others is critical in every relationship within the human experience. Forgiving is the practice that supports healing, reconciliation and restoration both internally and externally. It is a practice of humility that reveals the singular, common root in all relationships.

Focused Faith. Food. Fitness. Forgiving.

  1. Focused Faith
    Our working definition of faith is a complete, unwavering trust in someone or something. Faith is complete and without any doubt. Pay attention to your belief in yourself, your dreams and aspirations throughout the course of your day. Notice when, where and why doubt creeps into your mind. To hold focused faith, reflect on success quotes, read book passages or develop a motivating mantra. Make faith reflections a daily, steady diet. Keep notes in the note section provided here. Review the notes often.
  2. Food
    Food is any life-sustaining substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. Because today’s humans consume an incredible diet of information, we will add mental food here for consideration in the practice of forgiving. Throughout the course of your day, pay particular attention to what, why, when, where and how you consume both “food” and information. Make notes of what you eat on the practice sheets. Whether it is food or information you’re eating, the adage “you are what you eat” is very informative.
  3. Fitness
    Fitness refers to the state of one’s overall condition. The condition includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Another name for fitness is “readiness.” How ready is your body? How ready is your mind? Ready for what, you ask? Ready to see and move into new life opportunities.
  4. Forgiving
    Forgiving is a means of integrating all experience into powerful innovation. The practice of forgiving requires an optimistic and inquisitive approach to every moment in life. Forgiving creates newness. Forgiving creates infinite possibilities.

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