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Confront yourself | change the world
Ulysses Sr. sits at the gravesite of his late wife, Clarice. He "killed" her and eventually had to confront his past. Ulysses Jr, a witness to the murder, brought his father to this site and intiated an amazing journey into radical reconciliation. demand more from yourself! Download the essay "Forget What You Know About Forgiving."
A Course in Forgiving | You do this first
"A Course In Forgiving" is a 30-minute group "Zoom" call that introduces you to the practice of forgiving.  Following the group call, each participant receives a 30-minute individual and private call with Ulysses. An extraordinary engagement for an extraordinary value. A very limited offer. 
Next Class:  December 5, 2018 @ 7PM ET.
Stepping into power
A confrontation on Dr. Phil
Before I could authentically show others how to create power, I had to step into my own. In this clip, I confront my father nearly 33 years after he shot and killed my mother.
Creating a way
"Reconciled" on Oprah's network
Almost immediately following my appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, I was on my way to creating the reality series "Reconciled," for The Oprah Winfrey Network. Though the show was shortlived, my mission to create power was just getting started.
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"It is not enough to be a thought leader or great speaker. We have been born to "do" more than has been done. My mother told me to "be better." Thinking is overrated and anyone can say fancy words. We must inspire through action."


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