Even as a boy, I could hear the social and sexual tensions of the troubled man we call Marvin Gaye. He asked What's Going On and then said Let's Get It On. I was listening to Marvin the night before my father shot and killed my mother. I listen to him religiously today. My work in the world of sexual healing has been deep and rich and exhilarating. From my time with the international "clit cult" OneTaste, to my new venture Killing Kelly Divine: The Lynda Dempsey Story, I offer you both academic and artistic pathways into new sexual frontiers.
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Sex In The Struggle: God Is Sex

Promoting Social Healing Through Sexual Healing," Sex in The Struggle” is a live, talk show featuring some the brightest, most entertaining "pleasure" and "political" thinkers in the world. Sex in The Struggle (SITS) is an exciting multi-faceted intimacy experience advocating social healing through sexual healing. Our event promotes a policy of intimacy where everyone can choose deeper human connections through direct physical contact and sensuous surrender. Our exciting event will feature entertaining and informative segments focused on health, casual sex, religion, kink sex and much more. Inspired by the legendary Marvin Gaye, Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter created Sex in The Struggle as a vehicle to explore how "struggles" of all kind stifle intimacy and sex in our lives.


Courses on Sex

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Killing Kelly Divine: The Lynda Dempsey Story

Inner transformation is something many people talk about and dream about. Many people “fake the funk” of transformation. They pretend to have changed but their weak egos never really allow them to surrender. They are afraid of what others think. So they just pretend. And the pretense is ultimately revealed as a cheap plastic. This is not the case with Lynda Dempsey who is known around the world as Kelly Divine. Lynda is my daughter-in-law, now nine years past her glory days in the porn industry yet still a modern-day phenomenon. But there were so many dark days for the native of Chester, Pennsylvania. So many days of self-torture, danger and near-death experiences. The woman is a warrior. Unafraid to tell deep and ugly truths about herself. Unafraid to look in the mirror and confront her demons. Unafraid to transform. Take a listen to her podcast teaser and her website. This is unlike any post-porn story ever told. Enjoy the sample. Come along for this wild, transformative ride.


Sex: One Black Taste - Black Pussy Cat

Introducing my scintillating new podcast series “One Black Taste.” Based on my intense three-year consulting experience with the sex positive corporation, One Taste, One Black Taste welcomes the listening audience into a world of sex, power, money and madness few people will ever know firsthand. I am one of those few. But the stories of One Black Taste don’t stop with my time with One Taste. That’s only the beginning. Want to know what’s ahead? Listen to the One Black Taste introduction “The FBI wanted to talk to me” and get ready for one hell of a ride. And yes. It is explicit