The subject of race may never be obsolete on this planet. My work related to the issues of race are a direct reflection of how racism has impacted my life. It's interesting that people try so hard to sweep race under the rug of yesterday. It's interesting but even more insulting. On this page you will learn about the short, painful life of Alexander McClay Williams, the youngest person to be executed in Pennsylvania history. You will also learn about a very dangerous woke, white woman I call Narci I. Lyde. Based on a real-life  character, Narci is a sad reminder that racism is alive, insidious and very unwell. 

A Sour Lemon Patch

Jealousy, family fakery and fuckery disrupt a national call for Black boy justice

By Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter

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Falsely accused of killing a white woman at age 16, Alexander McClay Williams (left) stares at a weapon presented by then District Attorney William J. McCarter in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Williams was electrocuted by the state on June 8, 1931. He was exonerated of the crime in June 2022. His 93-year-old sister, Susie, was there to represent her brother. She lost her brother to electrocution in 1931. Her son, Walker Carter, a standout athlete, was electrocuted in June 2017 while working for a local electric company.
Coincidence or cosmic connection? 

Race, Justice and The Walker-Williams Project

Bring the Walker-Williams Project to your community. This program highlights the extraordinary lives of two men from the same Delaware County family who died by electrocution more than eight decades apart. Walker Carter Jr, an All-American athlete from Widener University and graduate of Chester High School was electrocuted on the job while working for PECO in June 2017. His uncle, Alexander McClay Williams, a student at The Glen Mills School, was falsely accused of stabbing a white woman in 1930 and electrocuted by The State of Pennsylvania in June 1931.

Framing Alexander: Young. Murdered and Black

A film by Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter

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