Signature Works

Explore the tips of his creative icebergs.

Another Chester Story

Another Chester Story weaves crucial updates into footage of the original documentary, reintroducing interview subjects from the 2004 film who reflect on the past, assess the present and look boldly into the future.  Our team will release one short or “microfilm” each month with average run time of seven minutes. These compelling and easily digestible segments will be accompanied by new clips that expand the conversation and introduce new story lines.

Our first microfilm "Pre-existing conditions and a COVID covenant" will be privately premiered online October 22, 2020. Want to contribute to this important film? Do it now! See more details below!

Pondering Perpetual Pandemic Racism

 Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter and a team of cultural thought leaders engage Delaware County Council, Pennsylvania in a live, online community conversation focused on the historic negligence of government and corporations that contribute to community distrust and the vast pre-existing conditions that influence COVID “cases” in the Black community.

This presentation was recorded December 17, 2020 4PM ET.

For nearly two years, Ulysses has produced powerful multi-faceted platforms to bring new light to the Philadelphia MOVE phenomenon, one of the most tragic stories in the city's recent  history. With the support of his wife, Dr. Pauline Thompson (far left) and dozens of social justice advocates, Ulysses has creatively crafted forums, podcasts and broadcasts aimed at educating the public about the horrific injustices inflicted on a family, a neighborhood, a city and our nation.

Philadelphia and The MOVE Apology

On May 13, 1985, The City of Philadelphia Police Department dropped an highly explosive device on the home of the MOVE family, killing 11 men, women and children. A fire consumed 61 homes and left more than 250 people homeless. This tragic event came after years of conflict between the Philadelphia police, Philadelphia officials, the MOVE family members and the many residents.  The stories are many. The pain is great. Ulysses says an official apology will not bring closure. Instead it will usher a new beginning.

Engaging audiences through exciting forums

Pulitzer Prize Presentations

Ulysses designs extraordinary panel discussions that challenge audiences to think way outside the box. His recent productions included Pulitzer Prize winners William Marimow and Steve Hahn in the forums "Policing The Truth" and "Whose History Is It, Anyway?"

Ulysses revives King's Dream in Chester, PA.

Reclaiming Dr. King

A prolific producer of creative forums, Ulysses recently designed and staged theatrical readings from speeches of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Chester, Pennsylvania where the civil rights leader spent three years at Crozer Theological Seminary.