Pledge to Practice truth for Black Men

As an honest white woman, understanding and recognizing the tremendous historic and contemporary pain that dishonest white women have caused Black Men, I hereby pledge to:

Honor Black Men as fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, friends and lovers.
Never lie about the actions of any Black Man I encounter.
Never cheat any Black Man that I encounter.
Never steal from any Black Man that I encounter.
Never speak ill of Black Men. 
Look in the eyes of Black Men that I encounter.
Hear the words of Black Men when they speak to me.
Make amends for any wrong I have committed against Black Men in the past.
Teach my children to respect Black Manhood.
Study the many adverse impacts white women have had on Black Men throughout history.
Defend Black Men and Black Manhood whenever, wherever and however I can. Strongly encourage all white women in my circle to make this pledge as well.
You have my word, Black Man.

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