Dr. Jackal and Mrs. Lyde?

She lives among us. She is two people inside the same woman. She is the "white" woman inside of every "white" woman. She is the "double-unconscious." Some people recognize her right away. Others don't understand until it is far too late. 

Before you explore our pledge and our campaign here, we challenge you to first tell us what you see when you look at this illustration. Read the words. Look at the image. We are here to take a new, deeper look at her. We want you to take a new and deeper look at her. Who is this two-headed "white" woman? Send us your reflections below.

The Campaign

What do you see in this picture?

We want to share your impressions of this powerful image. Tell us what you see in less than 300 words.

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Reactions to Dr. Jackal and Mrs. Lyde... 

Some people are offended. Some people are frightened. Other people think the picture is a very accurate representation of a very obvious possibility. What do you think when you see Dr. Jackal and Mrs. Lyde? Tell us below.

(I see) the two sides of white women that we often see (the alluring, seductive side and the side of the "Karen," whose call for "help" in a moment of perceived danger can be deadly for the black man).

Sandy J.

Philadelphia, PA

I was very offended by the image. I know there are reasons why people are bothered by the "Karen" but to say all white women can be like "Karen," is unfair. It's hard to look at the image of the hanging man. 

Betty R.

Idaho Falls, Idaho