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I challenge human limitations through radical, relentless reconciliation.

Radical awakening

A Course In Forgiving

On Heart Thread's Facebook page, my journey has been viewed by nearly 6,000,000 people! The YouTube version of the story is below.   Twice a month, I host an online workshop called "A Course In Forgiving." This 30-minute group call is an excellent introduction to my transformational work.  Following the group call, each participant receives an individual 30-minute coaching session with Ulysses to determine their next course of action. Sign up for the next session now! This is a limited offer.


The new mantra and practice for Black Men

"Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men," is a compilation of essays and a celebration of the Black Men who guided me into the practice of forgiving. The book includes exercises and tools that are designed to help the reader move from theories of forgiving and into application of forgiving.
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