Stop Jackal and Lyde now!

She lives among us. She is two people inside the same woman. She is the "white" woman inside of every "white" woman. She is the "double-unconscious."

In questionable interactions between white woman and Black Men, white women are assumed to be honest, innocent and must be proven guilty. Black Men are assumed to be dishonest, guilty and must be proven innocent. Because historic racial and sexual stereotypes permeate our perverse and unjust criminal system, there will be no change in this relationship unless it is courageously and consistently confronted above and beyond constipated courtrooms.

It is time to address this very specific social sickness. It is time for Black Men and white women to engage in A Radical Racial Reckoning Towards Sexual Solidarity. White women must first take The Pledge

Why “sexual solidarity?” Because at the core of this phenomenon is a sick social disposition that bleeds through centuries of criminal anxiety and preoccupation with interracial sex between Black Men and white women. It is this persistent fear and perverse preoccupation with sex that is harnessed and weaponized by white women to destabilize Black Men.

"We should understand like (James) Baldwin illustrates in his short story “Going to Meet The Man,” that racism is a carnal hatred. It’s a sexual hatred." Dr. Tommy J. Curry

The Pledge

One white woman at a time

The individual white woman must make a commitment. 

History and modern times are stained with headline stories about manipulative white women who pointed their wicked fingers at innocent Black Men, causing harm to the men, their families and their communities.

History and modern times are soaked with countless untold stories about wayward white women who pointed their fragile fingers at Black Men and adversely altered their lives, dragging them and their families into despair.

In June 2020, agencies all around the world wanted to be attached to the tragedy of George Floyd’s death. These agencies drafted and offered corporate statements committing to racial change and diversity. Many, if not all of these agencies, are staffed with individual white women who at anytime, anywhere can make an instinctive and devastating decision to falsely accuse a Black Man like George Floyd of crimes he did not commit. These white women won’t make these accusations on behalf of their organizations; these white women would make these selfish accusations as individuals.

Report after report indicates that organizations can only do so much to make lasting change. Individuals within the organizations must make individual commitments. Instead of waiting to mourn another Black Man’s death, we are challenging individual white women all over the world to respect the lives of Black Men while these men can still breathe.

The Pledge

Pledge to practice

We want white woman to pledge and practice truth with Black Men. Join us now!

Fueled by recent bizarre and brutal accusations against him by his own white wife, Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter has inherited a monumental mission to confront the madness of white women who wildly cry wolf in their entitled attempts to hide their lies and bury innocent Black Men in the process.

Through examination of Emmett Till with Carolyn Bryant, Amy Cooper with Christian Cooper, Susan Smith with a fictional Black Man, and even Mayella Ewell with Tom Robinson, Ulysses will boldly lead a charge to challenge and prevent the ever-present potential for any white woman to perpetrate lies to gain advantage over Black Men, their families and their entire communities.

Joining this effort is a growing and determined interracial group of activists, authors, educators, artists and everyday people who are committed to addressing the ugliness of this deranged phenomenon. This is not just a conversation. This is a campaign. This campaign includes a pledge of integrity from white women to themselves and to Black Men.

Pledge commitments from white women will be posted on a virtual wall that we call The Black Man’s Wall for White Woman’s Truth. Our aim is to reach as many white women as possible and preempt as many future lies and Black male casualties as possible.

Support our campaign. Take the pledge. Register for our introductory workshop. Encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to take our workshops. Purchase products from our story. Make a donation to our supportive services efforts for Black Men.

Our team will pay your support forward! Ten percent of all purchases will be used in multi-faceted methods to support select situations where Black Men have been unjustifiably harmed by white women.

The Pledge

Anthony Broadwater

There are so many stories of white women adversely impacting the lives of Black Men. There's Emmett Till. There's George Stinney. There's George Armwood. There's the Central Park Five. There's Yusuf Hawkins. There are countless stories we may never know.

In November 2021, Anthony Broadwater, a Black Man, was cleared of all charges related to the rape of author, Alice Sebold, a white woman. In 1981, Broadwater was sent to prison for 16 years after Sebold identified him as the man who raped her. After he was released from prison, Broadwater spent 22 years listed as a sex offender. He had a difficult time finding and keeping work because of his conviction. For her part, Sebold wrote the book “The Lovely Bones” and went on to become rich and famous. When Broadwater was cleared of the charges related to raping the author, Sebold issued a statement that said: “I will forever be sorry for what was done to him.” Sebold’s "sorry" cannot give Broadwater his 38 years back. Your support today could prevent this kind of tragedy from happening to another Black Man tomorrow. Maybe even today. Thank you.