Ulysses presents
One Black Taste

I was The Black Pussy Cat at OneTaste

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For three years, I was the Black Pussy Cat of OneTaste. I was the dark, mysterious, mediator of magic and madness ordained by OneTaste Co-founder, Nicole Daedone, to exorcise the demons, doubters and debtors in her audacious adult amusement park called OneTaste. If you’ve read anything about black pussy cats, you know they symbolize a lot of wild, sinister, sensual and seductive things. They are both bad luck and good luck. They are both boundless beauty and ultimate ugly. They are both loyal and liars. They are both deity and demon. Nicole was the White Witch of OneTaste. For more than 1,000 days, I was her Black Pussy Cat.

Black Pussy Cat

In August 2013 Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter entered the sexual wellness community OneTaste to design and direct The OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation Reconciliation Council. In September 2016 - convinced the corporation was on a chaotic and catastrophic course - he resigned from OneTaste. The most influential Black member of the controversial intimacy community, Ulysses was regarded by some as more powerful than the company’s founder, Nicole Daedone. Like a priest he held confession sessions for the most senior leaders and most wealthy customers.  One Black Taste is more than a reflection on his time in the sexual wellness community called OneTaste. One Black Taste is an exploration through Black experiences and into the dark sexual histories of politics, religion, business, science and medicine.

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Killing Kelly Divine

For more than five fast and furious years, Lynda Dempsey was know in the porn world as "Kelly Divine."  Drawn into the world of performance sex at a very young age, Lynda would rise to become one of the most sought-after talents in the world. What appeared to be sexy and seductive on camera would, however, take her into extremely dark places in her mind and on the planet.  I am honored to help Lynda - my daughter (in-law) revive her life through the production we call "Killing Kelly Divine: The Lynda Dempsey Story." Check out the introduction to her podcast at the website killingkellydivine.com. Click her picture to go straight to platform.