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Alpha Black: a cosmic brand
Alpha Black. This is the term I use to describe those truly rare Black Men who radically and relentlessly pursue personal power for universal advancement and cosmic awakening. My book "Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men was conceived with hopes of awakening the Alpha Black in an era where the whole world needs a new vision.

Dare to wear. Dare to be. Alpha Black.
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Men I call Alpha Black embrace focused faith, fitness, forgiving and real food. Alpha Black are leaders who know their ancestors are alive and well and watching. Alpha Black are vigilant, passionate and humble. Alpha Black know there is a timeless and vast universe through which we will never cease to travel . Alpha Black knows they are part of an unlimited power source. Alpha Black knows and behaves accordingly.
Without a doubt this is the book for Black men who have decided to take a journey toward “heaven” and will not be defined or denied by personal, political or social circumstances. This book is for a Black Man who wants profound peace and harmony and wants to use a meditation of forgiveness to manifest the reality.

Notes from "Forgive."

"I had to do it"

“Get up, Clarice!” my father begged my mother. “Get up!”
I was twelve years old when my father, Ulysses Grant Slaughter, Sr. shot my mother, Clarice, in her head. He shot her twice in her head and she fell to the floor right outside my bedroom door.
On an early Sunday morning in our South Side Chicago apartment, I heard him tell her that he would kill her.
“If you try to leave, I will kill you!” he promised.
“Kill me, kill me!” she shouted. 
Two gunshots rang out in the apartment. The hammer of steel’s violence echoed across the universe. The silence of death’s deceptive separation filled our apartment.
Ulysses Jr. and Ulysses Sr.
Baldwin didn’t know my name but so many of his words spoke directly and deep into my heart.

"...until it is faced."

I discovered the powerful Black writer James Baldwin through a soulful and eloquent read called “The Fire Next Time.” The spirit of his written words rocked and rolled me like the quake one feels when the hurricane called a Baptist Church Choir blows the roof off the house of “The Lord.” Baldwin, like all of the Black Men in my life, showed up just in time, providing me with penetrating Black literature that would serve as a crucial bridge from the land of remorse and into the land of reconciliation.
James Baldwin
There is no point in Black Men struggling if establishing more space for Black love is not the ultimate spoil.

"Something that's good for me..."

The night before my mother was pronounced dead, I lay on the sofa in the living room of our apartment playing Marvin Gaye’s album “I Want You” over and over again. A boy of just twelve years, I was already hooked on the silky soul singer whose passionate words of love were hypnotic and healing. “I Want You,” “Come Live With Me Angel,” and “After The Dance” would become the signature songs on an unlikely soundtrack of the most important day of my life.
Marvin Gaye
The New Mantra and Practice
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