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We're "missing miracles"
We're constantly missing miracles. Even though the miracles are non-stop - all day, every day -we're constantly missing miracles. It's all a miracle so there's no point in trying to point one thing out over another thing. Miracles are everywhere all the time. But we're constantly missing miracles.
I understand how this can happen. So often in life, something hurts us, something blinds us, something crushes us. And nothing is good anymore. The "devil" arrives. The magic is gone. Hope is extinguished. And we become victims of painful stories. I understand.
I can still remember looking down at my mother as blood poured from her head. I can still see her on the floor struggling to find air to breathe.  I remember watching her pass.  What I could not see was the energy of her eternal light expanding into the space around me. I could not see escaping out of her body's limits and into the depths of the universe.
I missed the miracle then and I have missed many miracles every second of every day since.
But that won't continue. I won't be bound by the mundane conversations of the day. I won't be constricted by the self-inflicted tragedies of the day. I am tired of ignoring miracles as if they are in short supply. We live within the miracle. We are the miracles. I am tired of missing miracles. Aren't you?

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Change the standard of forgiveness
In 2011 Ulysses created the reality series "Reconciled" for The Opran Winfrey Network. The network decided not to carry series but Ulysses continues to push the power of forgiveness as the ultimate practice toward human excellence. Watch the show trailer now. Contact Ulysses if you're ready for radical forgiveness.
My triumph over tragedy
My father: my nemesis, my hero
The overuse of the word "trauma" has far too many people paralyzed in the past. Trauma is an opportunity to transcend all kinds of obstacles and transform your life into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Journey with Ulysses into uncharted territories where you will discover limitless possibilities. Forgiving is more than a moral exercise. Forgiving is The Ultimate Practice where you can recreate an entirely different way of being. Take A Course In Forgiving now!
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"It is not enough to be a thought leader or great speaker. We have been born to "do" beyond what has been done. Thinking
is overrated and anyone can say fancy words.
We must inspire through action. We must forgive."


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