Alpha Black Soundtracks

The Alpha Black Soundtracks is a compilation of rich and reflective recordings focused on the amazing life journeys of podcast producer and host Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter. Since age 12, Ulysses has courageously confronted extraordinary human experiences that have left him and others both greatly challenged and significantly changed. From witnessing his mother’s murder by his father to convincing Philadelphia politicians to officially apologize for the infamous MOVE bombing, Ulysses has tested the bounds of his own sanity while convincing others to test the limitations of human compassion. The Alpha Black Soundtracks include: My Parents: podcasts focused on Ulysses, his mother Clarice and the man who killed her: Ulysses Sr. Martin Green: podcasts focused on how Ulysses is working with Martin Green, a 73-year-old Black Man who is a victim of a vicious acid attack by his own brother. MOVE: podcasts about how Ulysses worked to get The City of Philadelphia to apologize for the ugly urban warfare that led to the bombing and killing of MOVE family members. One Black Taste: podcasts about how Ulysses managed an international conflict resolution effort in the infamous sex-positive community called One Taste. Jackal and Lyde: podcasts about the tragic lives and lies of Narci I. Lyde, a white woman who betrays her Black husband and inadvertently destroys her own life.