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A Conscientious Delco Pause

Ulysses and citizens in Delaware County, PA are calling for a pause:  A Conscientious Delco Pause.  As the entire world spirals toward unprecedented and potentially dangerous  realities, Ulysses joins conscientious citizens for pause and consideration.

Pause with us Monday January 25, 2021 at 6PM.

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Perpetual Pandemic Racism

Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter and a team of cultural thought leaders engage Delaware County Council, Pennsylvania in a live, online community conversation focused on the historic negligence of government and corporations that contribute to community distrust and the vast pre-existing conditions that influence COVID “cases” in the Black community.

This presentation was recorded December 17, 2020 4PM ET.

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Another Chester Story
No preview currently scheduled

"Pre-existing conditions " Film and discussion 4:30PM ET


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Another Chester Story
No screening currently scheduled

"Pre-existing conditions" Film and discussion 4:30PM ET


Odyssey notes

Crucial content for critical times

Next class: No class currently scheduled

A 30-minute lecture about leading your family in tough times. Each participant receives a 20-minute private consultation.


Why Our Children Hate:
How Black Adults Betray Black Children

Eric K. Grimes and Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter reissue an alarm first sounded in 2006. One PDF version. 108 Pages


Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men

The "bible" of The Alpha Black, Forgive: The new mantra and practice for Black Men is the foundation for a daily practice of excellence.  Get your soft cover copy of the limited original now.


Ulysses builds a historic apology for a Philadelphia tragedy

MOVE history matters today

The world is watching again

"Black of All Trades."

Ulysses is an uncommon visionary. He is an author. He is a filmmaker. He is a producer. He is an architect of extraordinary ideas. 

Explore his world.

On Cover:  Ulysses and Ulysses

Ulysses and his father set the example of tough love.

On Air:  The Philly MOVE story

Ulysses pushes Philadelphia onto the stage of  redemption.

On Stage:  Sex In The Struggle

Ulysses presents his intimate forum on relationships.

On Film:  A Chester Story

Ulysses teaches the tale of a city's rise and demise.

At age 12, Ulysses listened as his mother, Clarice, was shot to death by his father Ulysses, Sr.

"Converting my pain into my power"

Discover Odyssey To Save Ulysses

Rise to the challenge of Black Excellence

Alpha Black

Inspired by the book Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men

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From The Oprah Winfrey Network and The Dr. Phil Show to the Philadelphia MOVE phenomenon and Reclaiming Dr. King in Chester City, PA, Ulysses calculates, creates and curates power.

Advancing The MOVE Apology in Philadelphia

Ulysses serves as chief architect and advocate for The MOVE Apology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In partnership with countless concerned global citizens, he seeks official acknowledgement of persistent pain and promotes radical redemption for many people harmed by the city's worst self-inflicted wound.

Liberating Black Power