Stop False Allegations Against Men

All it takes is one false allegation to disrupt and possibly destroy everything a good man has built. I know from personal experience. I was building a legacy of artistic service and suddenly became a target of an insidious courtroom lie. But I am not the only target. The phenomenon of false allegations of abuse is an epidemic that must be confronted 24 hours a day. Men and women of integrity are all invited to explore this justice campaign with us. Share your story. Sponsor a story. Purchase our promotional T-shirt and get access to our upcoming online session. We can change the injustice of false allegations against men. Act now! Hit the button below.


Start with "A Course In Forgiving"

From sexual healing to city-wide healing, I do it all. I do it well. And I do it in major ways. But none of my passionate, professional and public work would have been possible without my own personal journey into forgiveness and reconciliation. Before I engaged OneTaste, The Philadelphia MOVE Bombing, The Scars of Martin Green or Alexander McClay Williams, I had to deal with my deep, dark demons. My healing started with acknowledging self-hatred and a deep thirst for revenge against my own father, the man who killed my mother. I wanted justice. I wanted my father to feel the pain he caused. I don't regret feeling this hatred. It was the most healthy hatred I've ever known. In this new world, overrun with selfishness, greed and narcissism, it is crucial that we use the power of righteous rage to manifest the deepest power of love. How do we engage this deep work?

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Before I faced the world, I had to face myself.

Don't be confused. After you've been betrayed, it is healthy to feel the depths of hatred. Before I could love my father again, I first had to hate him. Purchase my book "Dear Daddy, I hate you: letters to my mother's killer."

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Dear Daddy

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In 1931, Alexander McClay Williams, 16, was falsely accused of killing a white woman. He was electrocuted by The State of Pennsylvania and remains the youngest person ever executed by that state. Though he was exonerated by Pennsylvania in 2022, he deserves more. We are demanding more! His name should be on the juvenile courthouse in Media, Pennsylvania.

We must make history now!

Sign our petition to put Alexander's name on a county courthouse in Media, PA!

Family:  Explore The Scars of Martin Green

Someone poured acid on Martin Green's face while he was sleeping. Some of his family members say he got what he deserved. What will you say when you learn about The Scars of Martin Green?

Sex: Lynda Dempsey is Killing Kelly Divine

My daughter, Lynda,  is a legendary porn star known around the world as Kelly Divine. She no longer "performs" but painful and powerful memories of those delicate and dangerous days live on in her mind. She's decided it's time to tell her stories. She's decided it's time for Killing Kelly Divine. 


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