Ulysses Butch Slaughter

Advocating radical, relentless reconciliation.

Alchemist. Artist. Alpha.

Converting my private pain into public power

Dear Daddy, I hate you:
letters to my mother's killer

Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter dives deep into personal pain to confront the demons that almost led him to choose revenge over redemption, rage over reconciliation. In this collection of letters and essays, Ulysses begins the heroic climb towards liberation. One PDF Version.


Why Our Children Hate:
How Black Adults Betray Black Children

Eric K. Grimes and Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter reissue an alarm first sounded in 2006. One PDF version. 108 Pages


Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men

The "bible" of The Alpha Black, Forgive: The new mantra and practice for Black Men is the foundation for a daily practice of excellence.  Get one PDF copy now.


Capture, Inject, Trace and Erase
Feb 16 @ 6PM ET.

Understanding systems of slavery. Free webinar. Request access at [email protected]

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A Chester Story
Feb 25 @ 6PM ET

Explore Chester's Black History and the rise and demise of Pennsylvania's first city.  6PM ET


Fred Hampton: Messiah Rising into Alpha Black

"Black of All Trades."

Ulysses is an uncommon visionary. He is an author. He is a filmmaker. He is a producer. He is an architect of extraordinary ideas. 

Explore his work now.

On Cover:  Ulysses and Ulysses

Ulysses and his father set the example of tough love.

On Air:  The Philly MOVE story

Ulysses pushes Philadelphia onto the stage of  redemption.

Online:  Perpetual Pandemic Racism

Ulysses demystifies deception and illuminates possibilities.

On Film:  A Chester Story

Ulysses teaches the tale of a city's rise and demise.

Ulysses builds a historic apology for a Philadelphia tragedy

MOVE history matters today

The world is watching again

Odyssey notes

At age 12, Ulysses listened as his mother, Clarice, was shot to death by his father Ulysses, Sr.

"Converting my pain into my power"

Discover Odyssey To Save Ulysses