Sex in The Struggle

Promoting social healing through sexual healing
Let's Get It On!
September 16, 2017
Chester, PA




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Inspired by the legendary Marvin Gaye, I created Sex in The Struggle as a vehicle to explore how "struggles" of all kind stifle intimacy and sex in our lives.  At age 12 , I was listening to the sensuous, soulful lyrics of Marvin Gaye the night my father fatally shot my mother.  Nearly 40 years past that day, I have considerable respect for how Marvin  can ask "What's Going On?" and then boldly proclaim "Let's Get It On!"
Sex in The Struggle:  Let's Get It On is an exciting multi-faceted intimacy experience designed to explore the various ways people overcome the "struggle" to develop and maintain intimate connections in a world of confusion and conflict. Our exciting event will feature entertaining and informative segments focused on casual sex, religion and sex, healthy sex, untraditional sex and much more. Join us September 16, 2017!
Sex in The Struggle
"Let's Get It On!"
is coming to
The MJ Freed Theater in
Chester, Pennsylvania
Saturday September 16, 2017
an evening you will not forget.
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"Promoting social healing through sexual healing."

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