Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter

"An Odyssey of Forgiveness"


Thoughts of killing you

My anger steadily mounted
after the birth of my son Octavius.  In 2005, I videotaped the reading "I thought about killing you."

Clarice said "be beter."

No matter how often I asked permission to fight my father, my mother always said no. She had another desire. She told me to "be better."

To Hate

Dear Daddy I hate you

Ulysses Sr. sits in the home of Ulysses Jr. and signs copies of the book "Dear Daddy, I hate you: letters to my mother's killer." He wrote the foreword to the second edition of the book.
The clip above is taken from the short documentary "To Hate" produced by and featuring Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter. The film chronicles the domestic violence that led to the death of his mother, Clarice.

My father to my family

Ulysses Jr. and his family prepare to host Ulysses Sr who is traveling from Chicago to meet his grandchildren and host "Forgiving Our Fathers, Forgiving Ourselves" with his son.

To kick my father's ass

Ulysses Sr. and Ulysses Jr. recount the tension of their first face-to-face meeting after 20 years of estrangement. 

My father visits

Forgiving Our Fathers, Forgiving Ourselves

Sitting in his son's home for the first time in more than 20 years, Ulysses Sr, talks about their painful separation and their unlikely reunion.
The clip above shows Ulysses with his two sons and his father as they prepare to conduct a public reconciliation called "Forgiving Our Fathers, Forgiving Ourselves" in Chester, PA.