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Master Your Story
The Odyssey Project was created by Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter and is his signature personal development program designed to help individuals optimize and amplify their life force for self satisfaction and social contribution.

The mission of The Odyssey Project on is to encourage “radical, relentless, reconciliation” on the heroic journey of life. Our message is “be strong in the space you occupy.” Our mantra is “master your story.” Our method is “creative license.”

Students of The Odyssey Project Course will learn to define and redefine life experience for liberation.

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In the video above Ulysses lectures on what it means to Master Your Story. Scroll down this page to download the free Navigation Worksheet.

A Cosmic Brand

You are on a journey.
The journey is your life. Everything you see is your reflection. Everything you hear is your voice.

You are on a journey. The journey is your story. Everything you say is heard. Everything you do is real.

You are on a journey. Every moment is a new beginning. And the end begins with you.

Welcome to The Odyssey Project.
It doesn’t matter where you have come from; you belong right here right now. It doesn’t matter where you are going; this space will take you right there. Fathers and Sons. Mothers and Daughters. Sisters and Brothers. You belong here. You can find your way from here.

This is The Odyssey Project.
Click the front cover image to read "Odyssey to Forgiveness" by Philadelphia Daily News writer Jernice Armstrong.

The Odyssey Project
Course One

"Don't ever
confuse opportunity with trauma.
Every situation is an opportunity to be more powerful, more human."

What are the signs, symbols and experiences that make you unique? How has every factor from where you were born to the meaning of your name set you on a course toward an exciting adventure called life? Are you ready to claim the space of you?

The Odyssey Project Course One provides you with four (4) 45-minute sessions with Ulysses via FaceTime, Skype and phone. Learn his techniques of Creative License, Integrated Communication and Soul Synthesis while you build your own signature methods,

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